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Marii Fotografi ai Bucurestilor Pt. 4 - Andreas D. Reiser 1840-1898

Andreas D. Reiser, or Andreas Daniel Reiser
German photographer
 Born 1840 Munich, Germany; Death 1898  Helouan, Egypt
Andreas D. Reiser had a studio originally at 23 Victoriei Street in Bucarest, Romania. He is known to have worked in Bucarest in the period about 1872-1883. He later went to Egypt, founding studios in Alexandria and Cairo. His son, Lucien, and his partner, Anton Binder, continued the Atelier Reiser until 1914 in Alexandria and then in Munich, where A.D. Reiser had originally come from.

Practically A.D. Reiser was not a Romanian photographer but he set shop in Bucharest for eleven years and took some incredible pictures of the City.

Universitatea din Bucureşti (1870-1878)
Mahalaua Sf Apostoli 1873
Mahalaua Antim 1873

Calea Victoriei 53

Photographs  are common stock, part of them from Wikipedia, part from open archives

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